Sex…Do It For Your Marriage And Your Kids

Bad marriages can sometimes be hidden. Things are NOT fine, but when you’re around others you act like they are to save face. I believe that we all do this from time to time. It can be embarrassing when there’s trouble at home, so we try to cover it up. But you can’t hide your marriage troubles from your children!

Our kids need many things as they are growing up, and I believe that one of those things is a loving mother and father. You may say, “I always love on my kid.” No! You missed the point! The mother and father need to love EACH OTHER!

Marriage is something that God intended as a good thing, and yet many treat it as a drudgery that just has to be endured! Marriage is truly under attack as evidenced by this disgusting video put out by Google recently. Something needs to be done to strengthen marriages, but that’s not going to happen by avoiding the topic of sex.

It seems that sex is actually regarded as a dirty word by some…especially in the “Christian” community. If you’re one who feels that way, go read your Bible some more! It’s talked about all through God’s word, but I’d specifically like for you to read I Corinthians 7:1-5.

I blogged about this topic some time ago, but I kind of danced around the issue of sex. People, especially Christians, seem to be avoiding talking about sex directly because they feel that it’s taboo, embarrassing, or something else unknown to me. By avoiding talking about sex we’re causing more problems…namely that of not educating our kids about sex, which I mentioned in another post recently.

 I’ll just be blunt now. Sexual intimacy is like oil for marriage! It helps keep things running smoothly! Of course that’s not all it takes, but I can almost guarantee you that if you’re not having sex with your spouse often that there is a lot of friction in your marriage.

If you think that your marriage needs help, sex might be one of the first things to look at. Go check out the 7 Days of Sex Challenge at One Extraordinary Marriage. I’m not necessarily endorsing everything that they do or say, but I do love how they’re bringing this topic out into the open and sparking discussion. Avoiding the topic of sex totally will do nothing but harm our marriages and also our kids! If this is just too much for you then please go invest a few dollars in your marriage and buy Love Life for Every Married Couple (affiliate link)!

Give your kids not only a home with LOVING parents to grow up in, but give them an example of the kind of marriage they should have…by living it!