I Don’t Want To Be A “Good Enough” Father

“I don’t want to be a ‘good enough’ father!” That’s the line that I related to the most from Courageous, the brand new movie released on Friday by Sherwood Pictures. This movie was really something special for me to go see since I normally don’t go watch movies at a theater (a story for another day), but I’ve REALLY been looking forward to this one for quite a while!

I was NOT let down! Every dad should see this movie! It moved me to tears multiple times, had me laughing at other times, and wincing in suspense a time or two, even.

Why is this movie such a great movie? Because it confronts the issue head-on that I’m so passionate about…men that aren’t standing up and being men and leading their families, raising their kids, and the list goes on. Statistics (that I don’t remember, of course) were related during the moving regarding how a very high percentage of criminals today come from fatherless homes.

Where are the fathers today? Sometimes we tend to look down our nose at those who totally leave their families, but sometimes we’re doing the same thing…we’re totally neglecting the awesome responsibility that’s right in front of us.

Standing up and leading our families, parenting our kids, and being “Courageous” is NOT easy! But we MUST do it!

I’ve already heard from some others that have seen Courageous, and they’re having similar reactions to mine. Leave me a comment below if you’ve seen it, and let me know what you thought about it. If you haven’t seen it, please do so. I’d love to hear from you if you’re just planning to go see it, also!